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Leland Stanford named to CFIVSA - Click Images to Enlarge

Leland Stanford, President-CEO, named to Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Safety Advisory Committee(CFIVSAC) for a term of 3 years. The commercial fishing industry is regulated and safety products such as PFD’s and Emergency Strobe Lights are often used to enhance safety opportunities. Commercial fishing is extremely dangerous and Mr. Stanford wanted to contribute his time to help this valuable committee.

Leland Rocks with Phil Collins

Howard Hopkins Productions supplies Phil Collins with all the right gear to make his shows interesting visually in addition to the fine audio produced.

Howard set an industry first with Leland Gas Technologies 95cc high pressure Nitrogen cylinders for confetti cannons.Launching a half pound of flame retardent paper and streamers was usually the job of a standard CO2 filled cylinder. But CO2 lacked the power needed to really send things flying!

These photos we received from the September show in Tampa clearly shows how much more colorful the stage became just after the confetti was launched. Howard insists on using the Leland Nitrogen in 30 cannons every show. This tour ended the next night in Ft. Lauderdale. It was Phil's 1st final farewell tour. Leland is grateful to Howard Hopkins and Gentour for allowing us at their productions. All of their hard work really produced a first class show for all.

To Phil Collins, we were delighted to have been working with you and your staff for so many years. Standing in front of a lot of people you don’t know is one of the most difficult tasks for most of us and you make it seem easy. You obviously love your craft. Thanks for the inspiration of your lyrics and the memorable videos of days gone by. Lee Stanford, Key West, Florida.

Leland Announces the Addition of New Engineer

Leland announces the addition of Mr. Ichiro Fumino, Engineer, to work at Leland’s east coast operations in South Plainfield, New Jersey. Pictured is Leland ‘Lee’ Stanford, President/CEO of Leland and Ichiro Fumino in NYC mid June 2004. The two were later spotted at the club level at the W Hotel in Times Square hosting a cocktail reception for visiting customers. Mr. Fumino is a design engineer with specialties in high pressure gases. The goal of this new association is to provide North and South American customers with rapid solutions for their projects involving packaged gases.

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