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Military Inflation Cylinders

We have been supplying Industry and Defense since 1965. We are happy to bid on your requirements and have cylinders to meet the following specifications:

Military Specifications
MIL-C-16385 (All Sizes) Non-magnetic Cartridge, Carbon Dioxide, Inflatable Life Preserver Use
MIL-C-25369 (All Sizes) Cylinders, Carbon Dioxide, For Inflation of Pneumatic Life Preservers
MIL-C-52053 (All Fills) Cylinder, Carbon Dioxide, 2oz. Capacity MIL-C-55300 (Breathing Air Purposes) Cylinder, Puncturable Type, Compressed Breathing Air
MIL-C-601G (All Fills) Cylinders, Carbon Dioxide Filled, Technical

Transporation Specifications Available
USDOT39 NRC Code of Federal Regulations(US) UL1180 (USCG) Specification for USCG Approved Life Jackets UL1191 (USCG) Specification for Components

Cylinders Are Available With
Standard Caps - Puncture Safety Sealing Caps - Puncture releases gas if overheated. Flat Caps - Opposed to other technologies. Threaded Neck - 1/2, 3/8 and 3/4 are usually available. Unthreaded Neck Specific Applications

Surface Finishes Available
These gas filled cylinders are made from steel and need the proper surface finish for the quality and integrity to be maintained during an expected service life

Finish End Use
Cadmium: Military/Civilian Life Jackets Epoxy Paint: Everyday/Marine Use Life Jackets Zinc: Indoor Consumer Products Electroless Nickel: Clean Room Technology

Custom Imprinting
Various colors and durability requirements can be achieved through:
Silk Screening - 360 degrees
Around Pad Printing - Rotary Offset
Pad Printing

Two, five, and ten pack boxes are available for resale. Labeling,etc.

Also Available ...
Cap Protectors - Cover and protect threads Shrink Wrap - Decorative covers for consumer oriented devices Regulators and Release Devices
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