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Quality Assurance

Management Commitment to Quality Assurance
Leland’s management team and Board of Directors have made Quality Assurance and Continual Improvement of our QMS the highest priority. Every day we monitor and analyze our processes so that we are able to meet customer requirements and exceed their expectations.

Leland’s Quality Policy
Leland’s management is committed to empower all employees to be able to produce and deliver products and services which meet or exceed all applicable requirements and customer expectations through a process of continual Quality Management System (QMS) improvement.

What Can You Expect?
Leland is in a unique business of high pressure gas filled disposable cylinders and related gas handling products in the Medical, Safety, Beverage, Food, and Sports industries. Because our focus is narrow in scope we are able to concentrate our expertise to best assist you in meeting your requirement. We have well trained and motivated team members who take the time to give you and your application the highest level of respect.

Our Accomplishments

  • ISO9001:2015 Registration for Design and Manufacture of Gas Filled Cylinders and Gas Handling Apparatus (Certificate link)
  • DOT39 NRC – US Department of Transportation approval for non
    refillable gas filled cylinders exceeding 4 fluid ounces of water capacity.
  • TSO-C13 US Department of Transportation,
    FAA Component approvals for CO2 and O2 filled cylinders
  • USCG Approval for Xenon gas filled strobe lights
  • USCG Approval for life jacket inflation cylinders and re-arming kits
  • US Department of Defense – Approvals
  • MIL-C-601G
  • MIL-C-16385
  • MIL-C-25369C
  • MIL-C-52053
  • MIL-PRF-25369
  • NASA – 3 gas products approved for manned space flight
  • NASA – 1 gas regulator product approved for manned space flight
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