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Seltzer Bottles

We have been selling and distributing rechargeable seltzer bottles since 1965. The owner of Leland appeared in advertisements for seltzer bottles at the age of four. During his high school years, he began demonstrating seltzer bottles in the basement of Macy's in New York. This is when the fun began, as New Yorkers are an interesting lot and wanted to know what could be mixed with the seltzer. This product allows for creativity. People in general are curious. You can even squirt people you like or dislike without worrying about staining their clothes

So, Leland is a company that has more than 35 years experience in the production, development, and distribution of seltzer bottles in North America. Over the years, the product has changed in appearance but the principles are the same. It takes pressure and cold temperature to make fizzy club soda (i.e., seltzer). It is one thing to be creative but it is another to be recognized for it.
We have developed www.mrfizz.com as a vehicle for the Contests. However, contestants can mail or fax us their entries. One contest in particular is our Best Recipe Contest. This is where the recognition comes in on the web site, anyone at anytime can look up a recipe possibly one a friend made or even one of your own.
The Best Squirt Contest is really interesting because we do not want to guide anyone about what kind of photo to take (and believe me we have seen some wacky ones) so that people will use their imagination. We think that a surprise action shot is the most interesting squirt photo.
There is even a section titled Fizz History featuring interesting facts and photos of seltzer products offered by Leland over the years.
For more information, please visit our Mr. Fizz Website.

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