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USCG Strobe Lights

USCG APPROVED - Rugged all weather marine strobes have a wide variety of uses and are molded in 3 colors to suit your application. These lights are 100% tested in our NJ plant by trained caring people. A simple waterproof switch activates the powerful XENON strobe module which produces a powerful flash to be seen miles away. Now easily attach the strobe with our threaded base (1/4"-20) adaptor and get connected.

It all starts with this compact electronics package. A capacitor pulls the energy from the battery source and readies to send it to the Xenon gas filled glass bulb. We recognize how many places there are to attach a strobe, especially when there is a convenient mount available. It simply rotates onto the strobe body base with a bayonet fitting. Now you can attach it anywhere!

  • Battery operated strobe lights pierce through darkness.
  • Instantly mark a location and be seen when it is important.
  • Three mile visibility, U.S. Coast Guard Approval and durability make up our strobe light product line.


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