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30400N22600 Cartridge, Small, 10ml 8g Nitrogen

30400N22600 Cartridge, Small, 10ml 8g Nitrogen


    ITEM NUMBER: 30400N22600
    Aerospace, Pneumatic Security Deployment
    Typically in stock, 120 days for new production

    Puncture type, non-refillable gas cartridge, Non Threaded.

    • Precision filled 2,600 psi gas cartridge with engineered puncturable cap. Welded closed
    • Ideal for Fire, Medical, Marine and Aerospace applications where long life and durability are required. Other versions with Beverage and Food grade available
    • Body and Cap made from proprietary low carbon steel. Plating protection with Zinc. (other finishes available)
    • Length: 2.540 Inches, Diameter: 0.735 Inches
    • Industrial Grade
    • Detailed data available in Members Area

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