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Safety Data Sheets
Our SDS documents are applicable to all of our packaged gas products unless specifically noted on the document. Our documents are only published in English. We apologize in advance if this is inconvenient for you. View our quality policy. 

Hazardous Materials Certificate of Registration can be viewed here.
Leland’s Special Permit for DOT 39 cylinders can be viewed here.

Recycling Empty Steel Cylinders

All of our gas filled cylinder and cartridge products are made from recyclable steel. We urge you to only recycle empty steel cylinders. The cylinder cannot be recycled with any gas pressure remaining.


Identify which kind of cylinder or cartridge you want to recycle: Puncture type or Pushpin valve type


Puncture Type – The small end of the cylinder is the puncture end. If there is a visible hole, it is empty. Please view this video to learn more.

Pushpin Type – Like a car tire valve, the center pin needs to be pressed in to let the gas out. Please view this video to learn more.

Follow these steps to ensure your cylinder is ready to be recycled:

  1. Let the remaining gas out.

  2. Recycle with other steel containers such as soup cans.


Download Empty Label here.



Engineering, Science and Technical Documents
Since 1965 Leland has amassed a trove of technical and scientific background documentation relating to gases and gas cartridges and cylinders. To obtain access to these, we hope you will click on the link and create an account. A member of the team will personally get back with you as quickly as possible. If you want to expedite this process contact us.

Prop 65, Reach, RoHS and Conflict Mineral Documents

Prop 65 General Information

Prop 65 Leland Policy Statement



RoHS General Information

RoHS Leland Policy Statement

Conflict Minerals General Information

Conflict Minerals Leland Policy Statement

Leland Covid Response

Kobe Certification

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