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Adjustable Regulator Push Pin valves Non-refillable DOT Cylinders front view

40140 Regulator, Adjustable to 29 PSI


    ITEM NUMBER: 40140

    (Other variations available)

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    For use with ‘Push Pin’ valves Non-refillable DOT Cylinders

    • Screw in gas cylinder. Device seals cylinder valve. Adjustment knob Is turned on to start gas flow and set desired pressure
    • Ideal for Beverage, Medical and Aerospace applications where long life and durability is required
    • Compatible with CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), N2 (Nitrogen), Argon (Argon), Air, N2-H2 Mix (Nitrogen-Hydrogen) gas and He (Helium)
    • Body made from Low Lead Brass and Stainless components. Other components made from brass and stainless steel
    • Pressure Gauges for tank and outletOutlet: Female G1/8”, Inlet: Push pin type female M11 x 1
    • Pressure Relieving (secondary vents). Detailed data available in Members Area

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