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Adjustable Regulator puncture type front view


50046 Regulator, Adjustable 11 PSI Max

  • Product Description

    ITEM NUMBER: 50046

    (Other variations available)

    Typically in Stock

    For use with ‘Puncture Type’ non refillable gas cartridges. Screw in gas cartridge to puncture.Device seals cartridge. Adjustment knob is turned on to start gas flow and set desired pressure. Ideal for Beverage, Medical and Aerospace applications where long life and durability is required.

    • Body made from aluminum. Other components made from brass and stainless steel.

    • Compatible with CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), N2 (Nitrogen), Ar (Argon), He (Helium).

    • Pressure Gauge is (Not) or (Included), Outlet: Female 1/8” NPT, Inlet: 5/8”-18UNF*           

    • Pressure Relieving (secondary vents), Rupture disc (primary side). Detailed data available in Members Area

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